Monday, February 23, 2009

Coffee shop Internet problem

So, I have this thing where I hate staying inside the house for days at a time while I work and do my little thing all in a small space. I need to get OUT. I need to have the hubbub of people around me while I do my thing. (Note, not the hubbub of people who want me to pay attention to them. Just the hubbub of people who are doing their own thing while I do mine.) But something odd has happened to me two days in a row.

I get to Aroma, sit down with my coffee, boot into Ubuntu 8.10 and start to work. After a couple of hours, my Internet just dies. I try to log back into the Wireless connection, check my ip address. Request a new one. Fiddle and fuss, but nothing. I can ping the coffee shop's Internet gateway, but I can't see anything on the other side of it.

Logically, I thought that there was maybe a time limit on how long you can use the Internet connection here, that it recognized my MAC address or something and blocked me for the rest of the day. I dunno. But, on a lark, today I tried to log back into the network on the Windows partition. And it worked. Not only that, but it never died again.

Anyone got any ideas what's happening here?


jzacsh said...

were those 2 days the last time that happened in Ubuntu? Did you ever figure out what was wrong?

Lisha said...

I never did figure out what was wrong. It happened fairly frequently, though. In the end I just switched to Windows or left that coffee shop when I lost connectivity.