Monday, December 8, 2008

Creating a bootable USB disk

With all the MID stuff I've been doing lately, I've had need to create bootable USB disks from img files twice now. As noted previously, I am a dork, so I always forget how to do things like this that I don't do terribly often. To save myself heartache and search time, here are the destructions instructions in short:

  1. Get .img file for the OS you need. (via download, Moblin image creator, or whatever)

  2. Find out which /dev your USB disk is.

    1. before you put your USB disk into the computer, type
      ls /dev/sd*

    2. after you put your USB disk into the computer, do that again.
      The new entry is your USB disk

  3. Run dd to copy the image to the disk
    sudo dd if=/path/to/imagefile.img of=/dev/yourUSB
    (obviously, you wanna replace those paths with the correct info)

That should do it. It takes a little while, so don't freak out. You can check to make sure it's working by opening another terminal window and running
ls /path/to/usb
where /path/to/usb is the path that you would usually use to see the files on that USB disk. You'll get some gobbeldy gook, but that's fine. It means it's working.

You can get more details at this article on the Intel site.

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