Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MacBook Air

Oh, me wants one. Me wants one bad.

Yeah, yeah, it's not Linux or OpenBSD. But it is *Nix-ish, and it's so purty. And I need a new computer, I really, really do.

In real life, though, I don't have that kind of cash to throw down right now. It looks like I might be borrowing an old Mac laptop from Lior Kesos of Linnovate shortly, so that will take care of my laptop needs. For the house I'll purchase a PC and put Linux on it (as usual). My little guy and I can make a homeschooling project out of setting up a Webcam + software to create a multi-touch, gesturable interface. I'll let you know how it goes here when we do it.

Wish list for my new computer:
1. bluetooth (to hook up with our cell phones)
2. webcam for video chat with far off friends and relations
3. multi-touch, gesturable track-pad like input
4. everything I already have on my current laptop
(you know, like 802.11g/n, region-free dvd movie viewing, KDE desktop, some fun games, etc...)


nickmatthews2 said...

Yes, it's Nix-ish for sure. lol
When you do get the cash, go with just a regular Macbook 13 or 15. I am not impressed with the Macbook Air.
I have several home built Linux boxes as well. My son and I built the last one to use as one of his gaming machines. Pretty cool and inexpensive project.

Nick - Mr. Probiotic Supplements

Tim said...

I just found this post, and was really struck by how it illustrates the speed of development in the IT world. 3 short years ago(and I was mooning over this exact bit of kit), but now it really doesn't seem quite a stunning in terms of technology. Aesthetically, though, it's still beautiful!